This team has over 120 years of combined experience in the company. They are leaders who work selflessly to help fellow team members, farmers, customers, and our community. They work selflessly to promote and support industry efforts. They are just one part of the bigger team that makes up over 500 years of combined experience.

Greg Braun
Jared Brady


Four full-time buyers have over 60 years of combined experience. The team sources all forage from farmers and is responsible for grading all products. This team has long term relationships with farmers that go back 20-30 years. They understand what products work for each of our markets and they work hard to match on-farm production with the best possible market.   

Robert Presley
Product Acquisition Manager
Mitch Kellum
Buyer/Domestic Sales
Andrew Pacheco
Buyer/Domestic Sales


Our sales team has over 70 years of experience with extensive travel to all international markets. Collectively, this team has made over 100 combined trips meeting with customers in overseas markets. They have extensive knowledge about customer forage requirements. They also have long-term relationships with many customers.

Greg Jackson
Executive VP of Sales
Jared Ries
Executive VP of Sales


One of our biggest assets is inventory. This team has perfected a proprietary inventory software program to track inventory in real time. All purchases, movement, accounting of inventory are live. Customers also have visibility to a live position. These individuals are dedicated to managing this system. A system that also supports full traceability of product from farm to farm.

Garrett Muse


A team with over 300 years of combined experience in the company. Some members were first hired back when the company was founded. They've witnessed the evolution of the company over the past three decades and have adapted to new trends and challenges. We feel their experience, attention to quality control, storage processes, product movement, and packaging are best in class.  

Travis Dove
Plant Manager


With over 40 years of combined experience, this team manages all documentation in-house for all markets. We have a proprietary in-house order management system that eliminates the need for freight forwarders or outside third parties. The team is recognized by customers as being "the best in the business". 

Diana Saine
Senior Director of Export Sales

Our Team Value Statement

Border Valley has the sole objective of providing unrivaled service, product value, and total customer satisfaction that results in the profitability for our farmers, customers, shareholders, and team members.

We will be acknowledged in our industry as the company people want to conduct business with and turn customers into advocates of our company.

Team members are the synergy behind the success of our business. They will be rewarded with an inspiring work environment, opportunity for personal growth, and have critical involvement in the decision-making process.

The level of trust and mutual respect among all team members, owners, and customers will never be less than pinnacle. Each team member subscribes to the company’s mission statement and will assist in its accomplishment.

Each team member will always place the interests of the customer before their own self-interest. The owners will always place the interests of the company before their own self-interest.

Border Valley will never cease to be innovative in all areas of the of the business and will always be guided by principal of customer satisfaction through unsurpassed value.

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