Mission Statement

"Built on integrity and decades of industry experience, we empower global agriculture excellence by providing premium forage solutions while championing sustainability. Our mission is rooted in utilizing our extensive industry experience to foster strong, long-term relationships with farmers and customers by delivering safe, high-quality forage products. With an unwavering “commitment to safe, quality feed”, we strive to support and elevate the food supply chain both domestically and internationally. With diverse forage production, reliability of supply, and sustainable practices, our goal is to optimize animal nutrition and be the trusted forage solution worldwide."


The company was founded in 1989 and has subsequently grown into a leading forage supplier to both domestic and international markets. We are supported by an incredible team of 90 employees and a supply network of over 100 growers in California and Arizona. The company is proud to be the most reputable, reliable forage supplier to the dairy, beef, and equine markets both in the U.S. and abroad.


Our teams of professionals manage every process, and we don't outsource critical parts of the business to third parties. Having 100% control over the supply chain is part of what separates us from the competition. We fully embrace supply chain accountability.

Product procurement
In-bound transportation
Quality control
Inventory control
Booking management
Order management
Shipping management
Outbound transportation
Export/Domestic transportation


Border Valley is the largest forage processing facility in the United States. Our 200-acre facility has 200,000 tons of on-site storage and six processing lines that will accommodate any product and packaging needs. The company utilizes the facility with a single purpose: to ensure a customer's inventory and quality control is managed "in house". We believe quality assurance, feed safety and traceability starts with "seeing", managing and storing inventory on-site.

Company Milestones

1989 – Border Valley established
1989 – First shipment to Japan
1991 – New processing facility constructed
1996 – First shipment to Korea
1996 – Mesquite Cattle Feeders established
2006 – Northern California processing facility constructed
2010 – First shipment to China
2012 – Border Valley Logistics established
2016 – Chaff bale press installed
2017 – Lariat Cattle Feeders established
2020 – Imperial Valley Compost established
2022 – Partnership with The DeLong Co., Inc
2022 – Facility and storage expansion to 200 acres
2023 – Sustainable solar construction began
2023 – Feed trials to India began
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