Soft and leafy grass hay that is very palatable and nutritious for cattle

Klein grass, Panicum Coloratum, is a warm season perennial that is planted in the Southwest for hay production and grazing. Klein Grass is a native grass of Africa and was first introduced into the United States in the 1950s. It is a fine-stem, leafy hay that is very palatable and nutritious. It can be used as a replacement for lower quality alfalfa in cattle rations. It can also be used, in its young cut stage, as a starter forage for young calves. It is not recommended for horses.


Soft textured feed with high palatability for dairy and beef cattle.
A perennial that doesn't require annual tillage and replacement.
Deep root system which limits the the need for water and fertilizer. 
Root system helps sequester carbon.
Minimal maintenance which limits tractor work, other inputs.
Very resilient and adaptable to different types of soil.
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