Border Valley farmers produce a diverse supply of forages for the domestic, international, and equine markets. It’s imperative that our farmers have diverse, functioning markets to move this supply. Border Valley strives to find the best possible market for our farmers, and we take pride in doing so. Versatility in procurement and marketing, to feed a growing global population, is critical for food sustainability and the survival of the U.S. farmer.



Border Valley can supply all types of baled forages for the domestic dairy, beef, and equine markets:

Alfalfa hay
Bermuda grass hay
Bermuda grass straw
Klein grass hay
Oat hay
Retail hay
Stable hay
Sudan grass
Teff grass
Wheat straw

With a large concentration of beef cattle feeding operations, dairies, and horses in the Southwest, it is imperative that end users can source a safe, quality forage. Whether it’s for beef and dairy animals where food is produced or for the equine markets, Border Valley can supply what end users want and expect.

  • Cows Eating Border Valley Trading Animal Feed in a Trough
  • Premium Alfalfa Hay Cut and Baled for Domestic Market
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