Teff Grass

Popular feed for horses 

Teff grass, Eragrostis tef, is a perennial warm season grass that is becoming more popular in the equine markets. Teff is a fine stemmed, fast growing, high yielding summer grass. It is leafy and soft and very palatable. It has high fiber, low sugar and low starch which is good for horses and recently weaned calves. Teff Grass can be harvested 3-4 times per year with good farm management and growing practices. Our farmers have experience in producing high quality Teff.    


Very good palatability.
Very good drought tolerant forage.
A perennial that doesn't require annual tillage and replacement.
Good root system which limits water and fertilizer utilization. 
Very good root system helps to sequester carbon.
Requires minimal maintenance, tractor work, other inputs.
Very resilient and adaptable to different types of soil.
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