Sustainable Markets

For farmers to support food sustainability, they need diverse marketing opportunities for all products harvested. This requires both domestic and international markets to function and thrive. Finding the best markets and opportunities for our farmers is a big part of what we do.   

Sustainable Job Creation

Job creation is vital to agriculture sustainability efforts. Employment created by farming is highly impactful on local, underserved communities. The Imperial Valley has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country and is three times the national average. Farming supports these poor communities both on and off farm.  

Equipment suppliers
Service providers
Plant Researchers
Farm Managers
Field Inspectors
County Inspectors
Harvesting Companies
Forage Processors
Farm Machinery Companies
Material Vendors
Maintenance Companies
Fuel Distributors
Testing Laboratories
Repair Facilities
Freight Forwarders
Steamship Lines


An environmentally friendly and sustainable crop like none other
High-quality forage with nutritional & regenerative benefits that keeps on giving, stand after stand. Learn more at
Great feed source for animals that produce food..
A very efficient user of water compared with other crops.
Water-use efficient when calculated on yield per water unit basis.
Biomass ratio to water use is more efficient than other crops.
Unique, deep root system makes it drought tolerant.
Improves and restores depleted soils.
A sink for carbon dioxide.
Produces and releases large quantities of oxygen.
Good ratio of oxygen released vs. dry matter carbon fixed in plant.
Reduces Ag waste as 100% harvested used for some purpose.
Needs little chemical inputs which is good for the environment.
Needed for bees to reproduce, survive, and pollinate other crops.
A biodiversity for migratory birds, natural habitat for other animals.
Has health benefits.
Can be used as a renewable energy resource.
And so much more…

Solar Project

Construction has started on a 999.96-Kilowatt Solar Photovoltaic System at our facility in Brawley, California. Solar panels will be installed on existing storage sheds to minimize land use and soil impact. The system, operational in 2024, will offset approximately 1385 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year. Below are some of the key points on how our Solar Project will benefit the environment:

Gallons of gasoline saved
Barrels of oil saved
Light bulbs switched to LED
Tree seedlings grown over 10 years

Climate Smart

In conjunction with our partner The DeLong Co., our growers will be participating in the Climate Smart Commodities Program (CSCP) beginning in 2024. These projects will provide technical and financial assistance to farmers who implement CSCP practices on a voluntary basis and who pilot innovative and cost-effective methods for quantification, monitoring, reporting, and verification of greenhouse gas benefits. The program incentivizes growers to use sustainable growing practices such as residue/tillage management, cover crops and a nutrient management program.

Economic Benefit Of Hay & Straw Exports

The U. S. exports over $1.6 billion of hay and straw, which benefits thousands of farms in the western United States and creates tens of thousands of jobs across the country. Considering all wages, transactions and economic activity, forage exports represent over $13 billion in economic benefit.

Learn more about the economic benefits of hay and straw exports.


It takes water to produce the food and goods we use every day. From our dinner to our data centers, everything has a water footprint. Find out more about how much water it takes to grow our food or charge our cars at the Water Cafe.

Water used to grow farm products doesn't stay on the farm. It becomes part of the food we eat and the clothing we wear. California is a net importer of the water needed to feed and clothe our population. Where does it go?

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