With the support of over 50 dedicated farmers, there's not a forage product in the Pacific Southwest that we cannot source. Our team of procurement specialists have relationships with farmers that go back 20-30 years. Our farmers understand the importance of supplying a safe, quality forage for all markets. They also understand that our company, as an industry leader, has a reputation to uphold in all markets.  


The Imperial Valley, Palo Verde Valley and the Sonoran Desert of Arizona are known for their warm, arid climates. The climate provides for some of the best forage production weather in the world.

Alfalfa hay
Bermuda grass hay
Bermuda grass straw
Klein grass
Sudan grass
Teff grass
Wheat straw
Oat hay

There's not a forage grown in the region that Border Valley cannot supply for both domestic and international markets.


With 6 processing lines, we supply all packaging configurations that domestic, international and equine markets demand. These lines are designed to take all field bale inputs (4'X4', 3'X4', 3 tie bales) and produce all outputs (big bale, ½ cut, full bale, single press, bagged ½ cuts). The company continues to make improvements to all processing and packaging lines so that our finished products are best in class.


Our team(s) of professionals manage every process, and we don't outsource critical parts of the business to third parties. Having 100% control over the supply chain is part of what separates us from the competition. We fully embrace supply chain accountability.

Product procurement
In-bound transportation
Quality control
Inventory control
Booking management
Order management
Shipping management
Outbound transportation
Export/Domestic transportation

Quality Control

We utilize a "6-Step QC Process" that originates on farm, flows through operations, and continues until the final products are loaded for shipment.

Quality Check
Fields checked pre-harvest.
Product check once baled.
Product checked into facility. 
Product checked before processing.
Product checked when processed.
Final Check
Once loaded for transport. 

Quality control checks include moisture level, full feed analysis, leaf retention, texture, color, foreign material, bale integrity, and more. Everyone in the company, regardless of job responsibility or title, can cull a flawed product during any point in the supply, storage, and production processes.


As we always say:

"Food isn't grown in a grocery store"

An enormous amount of work and risk is involved in the food supply chain when feeding animals, both domestically and internationally. We must ensure that a global population has safe, reliable dairy, beef, and other food products. It's equally important that our equine customers have a safe, reliable product. We understand the role we play in food sustainability. We take this responsibility very seriously.

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