The Pacific Southwest is a large equine market with over 1.2 million horses in four western states. And horses require high quality forages with excellent packaging. Whether it's show jumping, dressage, polo, barrel racing or other events, Border Valley can supply all types of forages in multiple packaging configurations. Our procurement team has long-term, established relationships with farmers to supply high-quality forages for this market.  


Along with traditional stable and retail hay in 3-tie bales, we can also supply other forages specially packaged for the equine markets:

½ Cut, Wrapped Package

Alfalfa hay
Bermuda hay
Teff grass
Wheat straw

½ Cut, "BIB" (bale in bag), Wrapped Package

Alfalfa hay
Bermuda hay
Teff grass
Wheat straw
50 lb., soft press bales that are strapped and wrapped on pallets.
24, ½ cut bales per pallet in non-bagged and "BIB" package.
"BIB" has a customized loop in the bag for ease of handling.
The bag is perforated so no concern with trapped moisture.

Product Attributes

Locally grown Alfalfa hay produces a variety of qualities and range in feed values. Higher protein hay and high energy for horses that routinely exercise and lower protein, low energy for those on a maintenance diet. Alfalfa is a source of calories, minerals, and vitamins for horses on a nutrient dense diet.

Like Alfalfa, Imperial Valley farmers produce a good volume of Bermuda hay.  Bermuda hay is high in fiber and a source of energy. It's easily digestible, palatable, low in sugar and calories. It's typically lower priced than Timothy hay or Orchard grass and is similar in overall nutritional value. 

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