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Timothy Hay


Timothy Grass, Phleum Pretense, is a cool season perennial grass native to most of Europe. It grows from 50-150 cm tall with leaves up to 45 cm long and 1 cm wide. The flowerhead is 7 to 15 cm long and 8 to 10 cm broad, with densely packed spikelets.

Timothy Grass is grown primarily in the northeastern portion of the United States and also grown in California and Nevada. Timothy is not a very drought tolerant plant and does not respond well to excessive heat. Timothy grows best in areas with abundant day length and moisture. Timothy Grass Hay is commonly fed to horses, as well as cattle. It is relatively high in fiber, especially when cut at a later or more mature stage.

Timothy is typically harvested two times per season, the first cutting in early summer and the second cutting in late summer or early fall. The first cutting is typically preferred for feeding to horses as it has longer and harder fiber length, as well as longer seed heads. Some first cutting is also fed to cattle. Second cutting is typically fed to cattle, but in some cases is also utilized for horses.

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